Keeping Clients Safe in Their Homes Since 2000

Client-Focused Care

Everything we do at Minnesota Quality Care is focused on how we can better serve our client. From matching staff to clients to client-specific training, our mission every day is to find better ways to meet the needs of our clients. Because of our client-first focus we are able to serve a wide range of clients with complex needs.

Coordinated Resources

One of our core values is to build strong relationships with all stakeholders through collaboration and cooperation. Our office staff have years of experience in home health services and provide reliability and quality of care for all clients. We coordinate with community health plans to ensure clients understand the resources available to them and receive the best possible services.

At Minnesota Quality Care we value the health of the whole person -  physical, emotional, spiritual, and mental. We train our Personal Care Assistants and Homemakers on the importance of nutrition and exercise for the clients, with training tailored to each client.

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Our Staff

Our in-home staff members are held with high esteem by our agency. We want those on the front lines serving clients to be supported and well provided for. Because of this, our staff has a lower turnover rate than other agencies.

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Commitment to Cultural Competency

Cultural competence is the ability to provide health care services that meet the social, cultural, and linguistic needs of patients. The increasing diversity of the nation brings opportunities and challenges for home health care agencies. Meeting the cultural needs of participants takes high priority at Minnesota Quality Care as we seek to create and deliver culturally competent services.

Our staff is trained to provide the best care and meet the diverse needs of our clientele. Language barriers should not keep us from serving a client. We match clients with support staff who speak the same language and strive to provide services for any language.

Languages currently on staff:

  • Hmong
  • Somali
  • Spanish
  • Vietnamese

Why Minnesota Quality Care?

Patient Benefits:

  • Patients receive high-quality home health care guaranteeing a safe environment.
  • Patients are met by reliable staff who ensure a patient's needs are met.
  • Our staff will provide culturally competent services in the language preferred by the patient.
  • We offer coordination with other health care providers serving the patient to ensure clear communication.

Family Benefits:

  • Family members are given peace of mind that their loved one is well-cared for by trained staff.
  • Family has more time for personal activities and know their loved one is in the care of expert support staff.
  • Family has the ability to communicate with our office staff when questions, comments, or concerns arise.
  • We support family in the coordination of other social services as needed.

Through community partnerships with other agencies, social services, & health plans, Minnesota Quality Care keeps clients safely in their homes with reliable home care services.